Take your place in The Great Beyond…a 3-day camp out dedicated to Techno and House music.
The River Valley Sanctuary will set the scene for The Great Beyond. In addition to an outdoor stage that runs all day, an indoor stage will keep everything going from sunset to sunrise. It also hosts plenty of trees and shade for a more enjoyable experience.
Sometimes less is more. The Great Beyond will focus on a tighter, communal experience by emphasizing fewer stages and shorter walking distances. We’ll go through this together and strengthen standing relationships or create new ones along the way. Rest assured, if things get too weird, you’ll still have plenty of space to escape the madness.
Indoor Main Stage – 9:00pm-9:00am
Outdoor Main Stage – 12:00pm-9:00pm
The Dome – 12:00pm-9:00pm (hosted by the Headspace Collective)
Full Line Up Announced on March 20.
We have booked some of our favorite face-melting DJs and live acts from around the globe! These artists may not be household names, but we intend to deliver trippy, futuristic music with an emphasis on ‘vibe.’ Do not expect a standard festival experience backed with big names.
The First 100 presales will be $100. Released Friday March 20th, these “blind faith” tickets give you the opportunity to be a dedicated supporter of the event. Regular presale tickets will be $150 so get in early, and save $50. Buying early will also come with perks down the road.
There is primitive camping, and a limited amount of RV passes available(no hook ups). There will be clean bathrooms, and wash stations. No showers.
There are hotels near by. Please note, TGB attendees are limited to 1 in/out per day.
Food/ice/water vending on site. Specific info soon.
Racism, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, and basically any other phobia will not be tolerated. Everyone is welcome. We encourage arriving with an open mind. If you have reservations about under-represented minorities, we ask that you refrain from joining us. Anyone caught violating this policy will be removed from the premises immediately without refund.
Cedar Rapids-4:50
Des Moines-4:15
MSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul) is the closest airport. There is no direct line of transportation to the festival. You’ll need to rent a car from the airport. Alternatively, we suggest joining the Intellephunk Facebook group to see if any Minneapolis attendees would be nice enough to bring you along or share a tent. As mentioned above, there are hotels nearby if you can’t travel with camping gear. If you’ve never been to the midwest, expect very hot summer days and nights that may require a light jacket.